Minecraft Pick Up Lines

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Hey guys

Hey guys sorry I haven’t been on lately but im working on a project thats gonna be awesome. heres a sneak peek on one thing im working on http://img248.imageshack.us/i/kitpic.jpg/


Minecraft on Iphone

"Haha, very funny, Dynd." But no, really, there is an iPhone/iPod Touch app out right now that basicly lets you play Minecraft on your iDevice. I tried it out. The app is called World Explorer and it features importing existing levels to the application. 

Unfortunately I havent been able to do this as of yet because the app’s webserver is down.

This is where the problems with the app start (the start, derp), it is still very laggy, and the controls are so bad I am calling the game unplayable. But it does manage to render a distance comparable to normal render setting in the actual desktop client.

The app is basicly Classic/Indev mode. (For the people who played that), you have no tools or inventory and blocks are infinitely placeable.

The horribly placed buttons on the side stand for Building/Destroying and Jumping.

At the moment, I urge you not to buy this app yet, because it sucks pretty hard. But there is hope, the developer is working hard on it. (For example last update brought less lag, torches and the player not being 1 block tall.) I think it will become a great app over time… if Notch doesn’t sue their asses to the moon that is.

This is not a review, just a first-look.

Sphinx Upgrade

Finally got around to updating my sphinx to replace the wooden headdress with a full-colour wool headdress. Next up… lapis and gold headdress if I ever amass enough.


The Original Creeper


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So vain


Who are you to tell me what’s vain? I don’t see your name written in the fecking sky! :D

 - McSpuddles

Just leaving this here

Found this in my SP game.




so after about 3 days i have finally been able to connect to the server

my first thought was finally minecraft mp again… im bored

turns out i got a hour walk to get to my latest construction so its really not something im looking foward to…

also dynd when are we getting some new server software? just askin since i dont see you much online