R.I.P Fluffy :’(

I know its only been 3 days…. But Fluffy the dog has died :(

Me and Fluffy were getting ready for a hunting trip to find another friend for him when we passed my mob trap which is made up of a big trap with water flowing down to drown the mobs and a bottom pit to get their items… When Fluffy passed the trap he fell inside and as i tryed pushing him out he fell to the bottom, I tryed jumping down and pushing him up as he blinked red and he started barking for help, I tryed breaking the sides so he would flow into the item part of the trap but by the time i broke the last block… Fluffy had passed away :’(……. I blocked off the trap leaving a sighn and the mob trap for his memorial, Some may say "Its Just A Game" But its not just a game when your me, Fluffy will never be forgotten, and im currently on the lookout for a replacement dog (Fluffy Jr. - Fluffy II ????)… Well i just wanted to let you guys know Fluffy is no longer with us, But will NEVER be forgotten, NEVER! 

Some may say when you play a game, sometimes that game can effect your life, and as stupid as i sound this death has gotten to me since it was the first “Pet” that was ever on Minecraft and mostly because i witness his whole death when trying to save him… I would made a casket but when they die they dont drop anything. If i find another dog ill let you guys know.

First Time With Fluffy: http://single-multiplayer.tumblr.com/post/4266693851

RIP: Andrew


My cousin Andrew died of a 4wheeler

accident and was killed, He was a great

cousin with a huge future ahead of him.

He was only 15yrs old, And was the best

cousin a person could ever have, All i ask 

is for a moment of silence and even though 

you didnt know him, I wish you have known him.



SUNBURY — A 15-year-old died this evening following an all-terrain vehicle accident on Jews Hollow Road off Route 147 south of Sunbury, according to authorities.

A companion with the victim was taken to Geisinger Medical Center, Danville.

The fatality is being investigated by the state police at Stonington and the Northumberland County coroner’s office.

Rest In Piece Cousin, 

Hes in a better place now where

he will no longer have fear, and will

no longer be hurt, I thank you guys for

the moment of silence.