Nether Castle

Im making a Nether Castle, Not much but itll be a start of a Nether World :) It would be almost done right now, But it takes forever to smelt Cobblestone lol



Minecraft is now [v1.2.4_01]

  • Swords and other weapons now deal damage properly
  • Proper hurt animations and sound to mobs and players
  • Arrows visible and deal damage
  • Hoes now produce seeds
  • Creepers make noises and animate before exploding
  • Explosions animate properly
  • No more infinite free arrows
  • Server logging now appends to server.log rather than overwriting it
  • rButtons and levers (a few other blocks) animate properly
  • Fixed Minecarts (And Pigs!) Moving twice as fast as they should.
  • The join server screen now remembers the last entered IP
  • Increased chunk saving frequency on server
  • Leaving sneak mode no longer triggers a million sounds
  • You can now see sneaking players
  • Names of sneaking players arnt visible though wallas and are visible a much shorter distance
  • Snowballs!

Sorry for the huge delay, I overslept WAY to long…


In this video, Ill show you how to make Redstone flash the EASY way :)


Single Player

So, This is my place so far, All legit (No cheats)!

Outside House:

First Room:

Second Room:


Cave Watching Room [Watch mobs try to get you :P]:

3rd Floor [Storage Room]:

So thats it so far, I havent been building it too much, But when i was sick i got alot done with it making it cobblestone and making 2nd, 3rd floors.

Just wanned to share this with you guys since we havent posted many pictures of Minecraft in awhile :).

-Nightfirek90 [Texture Pack: Painterly Pack (Custom)]

Im sick today :( No posts today, Im taking this day to relax and get better.

Im sick today :( No posts today, Im taking this day to relax and get better.


Here is Part 2 of the Mincraft Attack Videos!

Name: Minecraft Attack 2

Made By: Nightfirek90 [Me]


Minecraft Dead?

Everytime i try to get on Multiplayer i get this:

And it never goes away, Then eventually it disconnects me….


TWITTER!!!! Please follow me and youll know what im doing and ill be talking even more gaming on there! Sorry for all these posts all in 1 siting :S 

Thanks :)



I think i got comments working… Why not try it out on this post :)

[You might have to be on the SITE, not your dashboard]


Not Again….

So Notch…. Once again his update fails and breaks the game!

Now when i got on the server, everyone said they fell threw the ground and lost all their items right away, I didnt fall through the ground. :/ I dont know but its kinda weird, I hope he fixes it because the server is rageing. Hopefully we can get it fixed! Is anyone else having problems with it?

Oh, And i found this today XD haha

Srry for no video/pics of PVP :(


SMP Heath!

Notch released the update today!

I just woke up, and Notch updated Minecraft… No way i can play right now, But as soon as i wake up more ill get on and try everything out and we shall go from there :P



Made By: Nightfirek90 [Me]

I really hope you like it and i hope you show your friends…. If this video gets good audience ill make a part 2! I hope Notch sees this too :D Thanks for watching and please go to the video and rate it :) I know its not the best quality but its the best i can do for now :(


Hardcore Mode… 0.o

Notch has finally lost it…

I’m definitely going to add hardcore mode to the game where dying will destroy the world. I’m not sure how it would work in multiplayer, though.. Perhaps you could get “banned” from the server until the world resets if you die on a server running hardcore mode.

I dont know about it going this far… Just the fact that it is so easy to die in Minecraft itself but to erase the world? I dont know but it sound interesting, but i dont think alot of people are going to use it since the fact of losing everything you made if you happen to screw up.

Awesome Castle!

I was bored today so i got on Minecraft Classic, The i started building!

I spent hrs constantly on this castle, Once i had the 4 pillars done then i went onto the middle and build the base.

Ofcourse i gotta give credit to the people on the server for making the floor inside the castle well i was doing the outside, And they also made the water around the castle aswell! Thanks to all of them for helping me out.

Its was a fun day in that server tonight, I got Builder Status, and my castle was moved to the Builders Room! I hope you enjoyed this!

CLICK HERE to watch the video i made of it too!