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Minecraft New Mob (Enderman)

Notch just released info on a new mob coming for the Adventure Update.

The Enderman is a mob introduced in version 1.8, The Adventure Update. The Enderman are despicted as 3 meter tall, Black creatures with long arms and legs. They also seem to have the ability to pick up and move blocks around. They are generally peaceful, If you look at them, By placing your crosshair directly over them, They freeze, Stare back at you, and become hostile. They stay frozen as long as you keep looking at them, When you look away they will run fast towards you, Teleporting up to once every second to get to you faster.

The name Enderman is derived from the internet phenomenon Slender Man.

Notch Wrote:

When they attack, you know it’s your fault. When you happen to look at one, you can keep looking at it to figure out how to deal with it, but you know it WILL reach you very fast once you stop looking at it, And that, my friends, is creepy. Possibly too creepy.

Endermans Heath, Attk, Str, and Spawn are all Unknown.


So Notch has announced a update next week :D!

But! We (especially Jens) have added a bunch of new content to Minecraft that we want to get out asap, so there will be a content patch update next week with a whole pile of fun new toys, including a water mob and quite possibly paint if we can figure out how exactly it should work.

Cant wait, This should be fun!



What have those mean mobs done now D:

-Nightfirek90 - Click Epic Face For Skin —> :D

A new mob!

Hai hai,

Here an exclusive look at one of the new mobs. It doesnt have a name yet, however the skin is called Zombie pigmen.

See the skin in action here. Notch took this skin for the new mob he confirmed on his twitter; "It will be a mainly peaceful mob in hell." he said. I think it looks great!

New guide tomorrow or the day after.