R.I.P Fluffy :’(

I know its only been 3 days…. But Fluffy the dog has died :(

Me and Fluffy were getting ready for a hunting trip to find another friend for him when we passed my mob trap which is made up of a big trap with water flowing down to drown the mobs and a bottom pit to get their items… When Fluffy passed the trap he fell inside and as i tryed pushing him out he fell to the bottom, I tryed jumping down and pushing him up as he blinked red and he started barking for help, I tryed breaking the sides so he would flow into the item part of the trap but by the time i broke the last block… Fluffy had passed away :’(……. I blocked off the trap leaving a sighn and the mob trap for his memorial, Some may say "Its Just A Game" But its not just a game when your me, Fluffy will never be forgotten, and im currently on the lookout for a replacement dog (Fluffy Jr. - Fluffy II ????)… Well i just wanted to let you guys know Fluffy is no longer with us, But will NEVER be forgotten, NEVER! 

Some may say when you play a game, sometimes that game can effect your life, and as stupid as i sound this death has gotten to me since it was the first “Pet” that was ever on Minecraft and mostly because i witness his whole death when trying to save him… I would made a casket but when they die they dont drop anything. If i find another dog ill let you guys know.

First Time With Fluffy: http://single-multiplayer.tumblr.com/post/4266693851


As much as i liked the name Sir Fluff McWoofington III There was acouple more that said the name Fluffy, I did like all the other names, And ill keep them in mind if i find another doggy ;P. But other then that me and Fluffy are out on an adventure, Bye :D!