500 Followers / My Birthday

First off i want to thank everyone who followed the site, From this time that im posting this we have reached 500 followers! This is so amazing that i cant thank you all enough for getting the site as far as it has got now. Thank You!

Now im sure none of you know this but today, June 18th 2012 is my birthday, I turned 18 today and am having a great birthday! Seeing this site reach 500 followers was the best birthday present any of you could have given me and i thank you all for that also. Thanks for making my 18th birthday just so much better! If you wanna send me a birthday message or anything you can send it on here or on my twitter (https://twitter.com/SingleMultiplay) Any birthday art or anything is much apreciated and if i get some i might even post them after my birthday, Thank you all and i hope you have a great monday!