Miners Need Cool Shoes.

Most of you out there know about The Skindex but did you know about the new website minersneedcoolshoes.com? This website has so much to do its amazing! To start off there is over 2000 skins currently on the site.

And one thing Skindex dosnt have is a built Skin Creator. Yes, You can now create a skin right from your browser without installing any software.

And if that wasnt enough, There is a Armory full of items to put on your avatar, You can either load up your skin by typing in your username or just start from scratch and create a skin from all the stuff on the armory.

Everything you create on this site can be shared and downloaded and ready to be put on your minecraft! So what are you waiting for, Head on over to their website and check it out! If you wanna download any of the stuff i showed above then ill post some links down below!

Custom Skin: 





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