Minecraft Trapdoor Mob Trap

Ok, So i thought i’d share this little thing you can do with the Trapdoor’s Notch has put into the game and put them to use as a mob trap.

First: Dig a whole that is 8x2 and and atleast 3 deep, Put Trapdoors on all the open’d area. (Your gonna need 16 Trapdoors).


Second: Make a redstone circut all the around the hole, and have it connect to a lever or button.

Third: When a mob goes over the trapdoors, Hurry and hit the switch and the mob will fall into the hole, and since it is 3 deep it cannot jump out of the hole, So you can keep it in there or fill it with water/lava :D.

I hope this little trap was helpful and if you have any cool traps that you would like others to know, Send me some pictures and the basics of the trap, and i would love to post some more on here, Have fun!

Question: How did you like the trap?