Awesome Minecraft World!

I found this awesome Minecraft world, and i walked around it

for a little bit and found a Theme Park!

 This theme park is huge with many rides and stuff in it.

This map is huge, and it did take me awhile to find this

place but its pretty epic!

You DONT start at this theme park, But its not hard to find, Its right inside the world if you just follow some roads. It took me like 2-3 mins to find it, But youll know when your there.

Its fun, And if you like it enough you could even make this your world,There are houses and everything, If anything this would be a nice server file that you could put on your multiplayer server :P

This file isnt that big, When you go to download it it says it is 13.87 MB file download, But on Minecraft it says its a 53.18 MB file size so im not sure, But if you want you can always just playon it and then go and delete it, It was a free download, So i dont think they care what people do with it.